Selecom Rua Medium Throw Followspot 9°-16°

Selecom Rua Medium Throw Followspot 9°-16°

Rua Medium Throw Followspot 9°– 16°

Utilising the latest short arc lamp technology, a very efficient optical system, Rua provides more than TWICE the output delivered by conventional followspot designs.
The Performer Series of Followspots define a new standard of performance, ergonomics and operator comfort.
Simple to operate using the full length side and rear guide handles, adjustable luminaire balance and Selecon’s unique clutch cone tilt and pan system.
Operator comfort is assured by the ergonomic control suite and exhaust system which removes the lamp heat away from the operator.

• Light output is over double that of similar wattage lamps with excellent even beam quality, adjustable to peak distribution as required. This unmatched performance is the result of utilising
the latest in short arc technology, Selecon’s light collection expertise and large multi coated lenses
• The Selecon Performer Series Followspots feature electronic flicker free power supply (110V–260V); six colour changer, single slide zoom
and soft/hard focus control all in one integrated luminaire design
• Precision engineered pan/tilt cone system adjustable balance to suit operator’s preference
• Ergonomic control layout minimises operator stress – comfortable and simple to operate
• Cool beam technology removes heat away from the operator while reducing stress on internal components
• Full suite of operator controls including – blackout iris; mechanical dowser, CTO filter, diffusion frost, and 2 cutters
• Integrated 6-colour changer
• Electronic variable light output, 60–100% to suit your show or application
• Integrated power supply, with elapsed hour meter
• Peak/flat beam light distribution control
• Gobo holder accessory

Lamp: 110V-260V
RUA model with serial number: 1-101
1400/800w MSR Mini Arc lamp (MSRMINI)
RUA models with serial numbers greater
than those listed above (ie: manufactured
after February 2008):
Quick Fit 1400/800w MSR Mini Arc lamp (MSRMINIQF)

Power Supply:
Electronic, flicker free
Input Voltage: 110V-260V. 47-63hz. 1400w.
Dimming Range: 60-100%
Power Factor: 0.98