Cameo ZENIT® Z180 G2

Cameo ZENIT® Z180 G2

ZENIT® Z180 G2

Professional Zoom PAR IP65
Item No.: CLZZ180G2


Powerful, professional IP65 PAR spotlight with 10–40° zoom




Fast, flexible mounting options via patented SPIN16® technology, featuring a mounting bracket with an integrated 16-mm TV spigot


High-resolution colour blending and dimmer response with 16-bit technology


Colour temperature correction


Variable white balance


4 high-resolution dimmer curves with variable response


Easy configuration via OLED display with 4 illuminated touch-sensitive controls


Access lock against unauthorised changes to the menu settings


Fully RDM enabled


Flicker-free: perfect for TV and film applications


5-pin DMX sockets and IP65-rated powerCON TRUE1-compatible power sockets