Avolites ART 2000 TV 24 x 32A

Avolites ART 2000 TV 24 x 32A

The ART2000-TV range has been developed to meet the growing and changing demands of the television, film and industrial show and exhibition lighting, where the use of dimmable fixtures is becoming an increasingly popular, cost effective method of lighting these specific environments.

Within the ART2000 TV T4 range there are, 24x 32amp. The channel breakers are type C allowing for high inrush current associated with the larger capacity luminaires.

Both channels sizes are continuously rated at 40 degrees C ambient, and use custom made noise suppression chokes with a rise time of 240 µsec.

The direct output panel for the 32A channel has a CeeForm 32A single phase connector for each outlet (24 in total) and can optionally be fitted with a 7pin CeeFrom 32A 3 phase 3 neutral connector in parallel to each 3 channels. (8 in total). This feature is particularly suitable for sub-distribution on set, thereby reducing cabling runs and cost.

The direct output panel for the 63A channel has a 63A Ceeform 63A single phase connectors fitted for each channel (12 in total)

ELCD breaker system (setting the standard)

The ART2000 TV system can also be fitted with Earth Leakage Breakers that can be individually disabled per bay by the user, a “No Volt Return” circuit assures that the RCB function is maintained after each power cycle or re-hire, therefore adhering to the future recommendation of the BS7909 standard for temporary mains distribution systems.

The mains input can be on Single Pole Connectors such as Powerlock , Camlock and BAC with an optional Loop out.

The ‘Load Check’ indicators for each dimmable channel give a positive indication that a load is present and the local test fader on each dimmer channel  ensure that you can easily check  the connected load without having the use of a console.

The design incorporates full monitoring and status feedback via the backlit LCD display. Static state environments are catered for using the front panel control faders. Further 12 memories can be recorded for later replaying either as a simple show in the event a console is not available.

Other features include full DMX patch and merge (2 DMX lines), dimmer curve and limit selection per channel, power OK indicators. Analog Volt and Amp metering or optional Digital metering.

The whole system is constructed to the tough, high-quality design-and-build specifications of all other Avolites products.

The ART2000 is supplied fully flightcased and ready for use.

The ART2000 TV range is in daily use by the world’s leading Film and TV rental houses in the UK and the EU, and in Studios like Pinwood, leavsden, shepperton, Ealing.