Panasonic PT-RZ21K

The PT-RZ21K uses the SolidShine laser technology from Panasonic for a more stable image quality. Unique to the PT-RZ21K is that it can be used together with its 20,000 lumen lamp variant, the PT-DZ21K, for mappings or edge blending, thanks to the built-in ‘color mix and match’ function. With this function differences in light or color between laser projectors and light projectors are solved. This offers the advantage that rental companies can offer a combination of the PT-RZ21K and the PT-DZ21K for large projects with many projectors without any problems.

The dual laser source in the projector provides built-in redundancy, allowing it to work 24/7 maintenance free for more than 20,000 hours. With a light source of more than 20,000 lumens, the PT-RZ21K is also one of the brightest projectors on the market and extremely suitable for use at large events and concerts for the entire entertainment sector. In addition, it is also the only 20,000 lumens projector on the market that is completely filter-free.